SDN and IoT Security

By Jay Turner

If we split IoT devices into 3 tiers, the highest would consist of well-protected devices, like laptops, that are complex machines with plenty of security software. The middle tier would be made of occasional use, moderate-complexity devices like thermostats, TVs, and refrigerators. Then we have the lowest tier.

SDN Security – Challenges, Benefits, and Strategies

By Jay Turner

As software-defined networking continues to increase in popularity as a flexible and dynamic approach to networking, it’s going to need a flexible and dynamic approach to security, as well. SDN forces security solutions to be proactive, protean, and responsive. 

CloudRouter 4.0 Slashes SDN App Development Time with

By Craig Oda

I’ve been working with IP networking gear for 25 years. In the early years, the new gear really got me excited. Although I’ve moved away from hands-on deployment, I’m still fascinated by the changes in the industry. The improvements in speed and bandwidth made things possible that were impossible before and have opened up a whole ranges of new business opportunities. Over the years, I became tired of hearing only about bigger and faster network gear. I largely lost interest until I heard about SDN. Unfortunately, the rate of SDN deployments wasn’t the tidal wave of change I had hoped for. Gear was often expensive and people really didn’t want to rip and replace their network architecture. White box and…

Channel(ing) the Future with Interconnection Ecosystems

By Chris Carr

SaaS companies, cloud service providers (CSPs), network service providers (NSPs) and data center providers (DCPs), by directly connecting with enterprises or facilitating those interconnections, can effectively make themselves into a channel between those enterprises and other customers.

Is there Static in the Cloud? – Part 2

By William B. Norton

The Mysterious Inter-Cloud Connectivity Problems Last week I walked a couple cloud techs through my current white paper “Cloud Interconnections.” This white paper compares the interconnection models of AWS, GCP, and MAZ. It turns out that each cloud provider chose different names for their cloud services, and the interconnection models are different enough to be confusing. So I wrote a white paper that documented the difference between the various interconnection models, along with a mini “Business Case for Direct Connection” for each. Stay tuned- I’ll post snippets from this white paper and do a full white paper walkthrough as a one hour webinar next month. But first, as part of the process, I am walking people through the white paper privately to make sure…